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One more week – Comfortable Boots

February 9, 2007

By Amy on Chaplaincy

In one week I will leave Ft. Jackson. Because I’m a Chaplain Candidate at the beginning of my seminary experience, I am only allowed to complete half of CH-BOLC now. Many of us are leaving. But many of my classmates will stay for six more weeks. I hate that I have to leave them; that I won’t get to graduate with MY class. I won’t return for a few years. I’m glad I’ll get to meet an entirely different group of future Chaplains, but I wonder if it will be so easy to bond with my next class without going through Initial Military Training together.

Of course I look forward to going home and seeing my children and friends. But the idea of taking off my uniform and putting it in the back of my closet for so long… that hurts. I love the uniform. I love what it stands for. And I love my brothers and sisters who wear it along side me.

You see, my Army uniform is comfortable. I know I’ve complained that my combat boots don’t fit and my ACU pants are too big… but The Uniform fits. The Boots ARE comfortable. They’re comfortable because I know, “This is what I should be wearing.” “This is what I should be doing.” “This is who I want to be.” No matter how difficult the road, when you know you’re going the right direction… your boots are more comfortable.