Why National Coming Out Day is Important

October 11, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s National Coming Out Day (NCOD). That goes for LGBTQ people and the straight people who love them.

This morning, I told my kids that it’s NCOD and said, “Your mom is gay. I hope you still love me.” They laughed and rolled their eyes. My son thought it was silly when I told him about NCOD. He said there’s a day for everything, including pancakes.

True. But it’s important. It’s important because there are people out there terrified of being hated for who they are. Or scared to admit that their family member is gay. They are hiding and feel alone. They are scared of being judged, kicked out of the house or kicked out of church. There are other people who think they don’t know a gay person. People who are scared and mislead. People who think LGBT people are God hating monsters intent on ruining society. They believe this because it’s what they were told and no one has shown them any different.

That’s why LGBT people and their allies need to “come out” and stand up. So LGBT people won’t feel alone. So others won’t stay in the dark, hating what they don’t know.


6 Responses to “Why National Coming Out Day is Important”

  1. Steve Says:

    I stumbled across your blog years ago following links through the blog of an old friend of a friend. Your story and writing skills caused me to add your blog to my favorites along with the blogs of a couple dozen complete strangers. Every so often, I still randomly click on those blogs; most of them became stale or went completely dead. I generally never comment on blogs of people I don’t know personally whether I agree with them or not.

    Anyway, I checked my old blog list today for the first time in probably 2 years.

    After seeing this post, I had to check the Way Back Machine to confirm I was reading the blog I thought I was. Does this post mean what I think it does? That during your blogging silence you went from Conservative Midwestern Evangelical Christian in the Bible Belt to openly gay? Wow! What a story. The level of bravery and courage that must take given the culture you lived in (based on your blog) and the fact that you put your blog in the public sphere is truly inspiring.

    Coming out can cause incredible pain and grant unprecedented freedom; usually some degree of both depending on life circumstances. I hope the best for you, and will be checking back to see if you fill in some gaps in your story if you choose to share. I’d love a multi-year recap 🙂

    Best Wishes

  2. Steve,

    You’re right, that’s me… the Conservative Midwestern Evangelical Christian in the Bible Belt is now an Out Gay Christian in… East Tennessee.

    I guess that definitely calls for a multi-year recap. 🙂

    Where do I even start? While I’m trying to figure that out, you can fill in a few gaps at http://www.hearusout.net

  3. Donna Doyle Says:

    Wow Amy. I am like Steve. I followed your blog years ago finding you through revgalblogpals Lost track of you and often wondered how you were doing. Today on my facebook feed a mutual friend commented on your post. So glad to rediscover you and catch up on a bit of your life.

  4. Gay Revi Says:

    Amy, I followed your blog when we lived in Springfield. What a metamorphosis you’ve gone through. This PFLAG Mom send you a HUGE hug.

    Gay (Granny Geek)

  5. Tara Rathbun Says:

    Awwww what happened to the hearusout.net? It looks like that’s down now as well? I was so hoping for an update!

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