Culture War in the Car Line

October 4, 2012

It’s funny how often this car:

With this bumper sticker:

Is followed by a car with this magnet:


5 Responses to “Culture War in the Car Line”

  1. Sara Says:

    Is it bad that my first thought was to just “Like” this? I literally looked for the button. Oops. Wrong media.

    Anyway, this is Sara (of asweetautumnbrew in your ch wives’ feed, many moons ago). I just wanted to stop in and say I’m glad to see you writing again. Best wishes, truly.

    • That’s funny. I’ve been having the same problem, looking for the “like” button on blogs. Maybe I should add that feature. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll try to start writing more. I’ve actually been thinking of starting a new blog. We’ll see.

  2. jamileigh Says:

    I’m always looking for the like button on blogs. I also find myself actually giving people more physical “thumbs up” of approval now…it’s a concern. 😉

  3. srfisher1 Says:

    Ah! I just did it! There IS a “like” button. I just had to sign up for a WordPress account. *sigh* Oh, Internets. Is there anything you don’t think of?

    I also understand the idea of a new blog/name. My husband made one as well, as chaplainfisher has been defunct for a while now, and he has a different audience now as well.

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