Where is Gentlewhisper.com

July 2, 2012

Well… I neglected to pay my webhosting and lost my site for a while. Which is rather pathetic since it has thousands of posts and comments and over a decade of memories… but don’t worry, it’s safely backed up… somewhere. Maybe I’ll figure out how to bring it back to life.

Meanwhile, I decided to point the domain here… an ancient nearly empty blog is probably better than nothing… right?

Maybe not, but I was surprised to find one post from 2007 still here. It’s kind of sad to see it actually… but I’ll write about that later.


One Response to “Where is Gentlewhisper.com”

  1. Khoi To Says:

    Amy! Long time… How have you been? God placed it in my heart to look for gentlewhisper and I found this. Love to hear if you’ve done with everything and if you are on active duty. Please look me up on Facebook.God bless you! – Khoi

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